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Green Coffee - Ethiopia - Kaffa Dawi natural

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honey • Worku Family • Sheka Forest, Andracha Woreda

notes / melon, berry, milk chocolate 
profile / sweet, smooth, full body
region / Sheka Forest, Andracha Woreda
altitude / 1700-2000 masl
varietals / Heirloom, 74110, 74140
producer / Worku Family
processing / natural 
drying method / raised African beds
certification / UTZ
importer / West Coast Coffee Traders

Dawi Estate is located in the Anderacha region, Sheka Forest (a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve) in south western Ethiopia. The rolling hills and valleys are covered with indigenous forests and crystal clear rivers. The coffee is shade grown and bird friendly. The beans have very consistent shapes and screen size resulting in a even roast. Furthermore, Anderacha Village coffee uniformity resembles more singular genetic variety like Geisha then more of multiple heirloom varieties you would generally find in the area. The Estate covers a total of 276 hectares of which 237 hectares is under coffee plantation. In an effort to maintain the local ecology and biodiversity the Plantation has left 39 hectares under forest as a buffer zone from flowing rivers while the remaining 8 hectares has been set aside for processing infrastructure.The Plantation exclusively hand picks, it's also equipped with a modern processing facility located on site insuring that the fresh cherries are processed to the highest standards and in an environmentally friendly condition.

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