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Alta Mogiana, São Paulo • UTZ Certified

notes / hazelnut, chocolate, caramel
profile / strong body, sweet, smooth, long finish
region / Alta Mogiana, São Paulo
altitude / 950-1100 masl
varietals / Icatú, Mundo Novo, Obatã
farm / Nossa Senhora Aparecida
producer / O'coffee
processing / natural
certification / Rainforest AllianceUTZ Certified
importer / Mountain Coffee

This coffee comes from the producers of O’Coffee which is deeply involved with a commitment of responsibility towards the socio-cultural development of the community and to the environment in which the company operates. Besides being Rainforest and UTZ Certified, O’Coffee was one of the first companies to be Rainforest Climate Module Certified in Brazil. Learn more about the strict standards of O'Coffee here.

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