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Colombia - Hector Ramos

Colombia - Hector Ramos

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microlot • El Triunfo, Tarqui, Huila

notes / cherry, chocolate, rosehip, caramel
profile / medium body, clean, smooth, sweet
region / El Triunfo, Tarqui, Huila
altitude / 1600 masl
varietals / Colombia, Castillo
farm / Finca Santa Rosa
owner / Hector Javier Ramos
processing / fully washed
drying method / raised African beds

Hector has 2 hectares with about 8000 trees, half Colombia, half Castillo with a 4000 trees per hectare density to provide a sweeter coffee. His father bought the farm 30 years ago and Hector now works it with the rest of his family. By focusing on producing specialty grade coffee they receive a much better price per pound and have been able to make improvements to the farm with hope to soon improve their drying facilities and start experimenting with natural processing. 

Hector picks the coffee with his family and only hand selects the ripe red cherries. They leave it in the fermentation tank with no water for 36 hours, wash it four times with clean water and then leave it over night on plastic. The coffee then gets dried on raised African drying beds for 7 days and then finish it on raised beds for 15-20 days.

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