Kaffa Bonga
Kaffa Bonga

Kaffa Bonga

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natural • Getachew Werku Kobeche • Kaffa Forest, Bonga

notes / raspberry, dark chocolate, baking spice
profile / sweet, smooth, full body
region / Kaffa Forest, Bonga
altitude / 1800 masl
varietals / Heirloom
producer / small holder farms
processing / natural
drying method / raised African beds
importer / Mountain Coffee

Bonga is the Capital of the Kaffa region, and the coffee grows in deep forested areas. This is the Birth of coffee, as in Bonga there is Menkira, where the oldest coffee genetics have been documented. Bonga is a name rarely encountered when visiting Ethiopia, if at all. But it deserves to be better known: it's said to be the very birthplace of Arabica coffee. The shade provided by forest trees means the beans develop slower, becoming more dense and flavorful as a result. It also keeps the trees shorter, so they're more easily handpicked by locals. Despite their coffee and other natural treasures, both Bonga and the Kaffa region remain off the tourism map. Today the town's population is only about 30,000.


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