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Mexico - Bella Vista

Mexico - Bella Vista

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Bella Vista, Chiapas • certified organic

notes / nectarine, strawberry, plum, marzipan
profile / medium body, creamy, balanced
region / Bella Vista, Chiapas
altitude / 1400-1600 masl
varietals / Bourbon, Garnica, Typica
producer / family-owned farms
processing / fully washed
drying method / concrete patios
certifications / fairtrade, organic
importer / West Coast Coffee Importers

Bella Vista is a small municipality in the heart of the Chiapas, Sierra were Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia was born. Her family members have been farming coffee for centuries. Farming coffee is a tradition, a sense of pride, their connection to the market and the main means for economic prosperity. With the help of Rosalba they hand select the coffee cherry beans, harvest, dry, mill, process, bag and export top quality green coffee beans.

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