We’re a boutique specialty coffee company located in Nelson, BC. We are focused on roasting delicious and approachable coffees by committing our attention to all aspects of the process.


All of our coffees are purchased from independent coffee importers that source exceptional specialty grade coffees from small farms, co-ops and respectable coffee traders, paying above production prices. This ensures that farmers are compensated for their hard work and encouraged to continuously improve their coffees and livelihoods.


Our tasting bar is a place to meet, learn and immerse yourself in a proper cup of coffee. An intentional space with an educational approach to discuss where the coffees come from, how to brew a perfect cup and the roasting process. We'll help you discover your preferences and match a brewing device to fit your lifestyle. Every week hosts an opportunity to discover something new and learn about the intricacies of a particular coffee, carefully prepared to engage your senses. It is a place that allows us to engage with our community, a place where we can all slow down, get to know each other and enjoy good company.