Daterra - Natural Anaerobic Guara
Daterra - Natural Anaerobic Guara
Daterra - Natural Anaerobic Guara

Daterra - Natural Anaerobic Guara

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natural anaerobic Guara • Daterra • Patrocinio, Minas Gerais

notes / pineapple, vanilla, sugar cane
profile / sweet, floral, buttery
region / Patrocinio, Minas Gerais
altitude / 1150 masl
varietals / Guara
producers / Daterra Sustainable Coffee
farm / Daterra
harvest date / July 2020
processing / natural anaerobic
fermentation / whole cherry in stainless steel tanks
drying method / patios and drum dryers
importer / Forward Coffee

Daterra is one of the most sophisticated coffee operations in Brazil. Located near the city of Patrocinio, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This is the classic and famed Cerrado region of Brazil, where the fertile land is flat and proven ideal for coffee.

There is beauty in the systems that Daterra has established to produce their coffee. They've turned the farm into an intensive network of lots, all monitored individually, many with automated irrigation systems to ensure ideal nutrients and water are making it to the plants themselves.

When it comes time to harvest, Daterra will send members of the team to different lots to evaluate the cherry and will harvest small batches to strategize on when to harvest each individual varietal and ensure peak timing. The quality team will then make decisions on how to utilize each of these coffees and where on the menu they'll be used.

The Daterra menu is vast, with three tiers of offerings available. The three tiers are Masterpieces, Collections and Classics.

Masterpieces are exotic, experimental and one-of-a-kind. Packed solely in patented Penta boxes (24.2kg vacuum seal)

Collections are high-end consistent coffees that the quality team deems 86 - 89 points, packed solely in patented Penta boxes (24.2kg vacuum seal)

Classics are coffees that best depict the Cerrado region with quality scores between 80 - 86. These are consistent, value offerings available in 60kg bags.

Each menu tier has a wide array of coffee sub-brands that are represented within. Each of these sub-brands holds a flavour profile that the quality team works tirelessly each year to consistently match and replicate, using combinations of coffee processes and varietals on the farm that work to that build. Think about it like a blend on a roasters menu, putting components together to make something that's greater than the sum of its parts.

This is a famed farm that was first purchased in 1976 and today is an icon in the coffee producer world. Leading by example, Daterra is the only B Corp certified coffee farm, has more certifications than we have space to list, and is working toward being a climate positive coffee farm, ensuring they are positively contributing to the climate.

Varietal: Guara is a mutation from a lineage of Catucai: basically, a single plant with yellow cherries showed up among the otherwise red-cherried Catucai trees. The agronomists observed that this mutation presented different characteristics and flavors, so the mutation was selected and cultivated. This is our second production of Guara and we’re excited about this varietal – besides making good cups, it’s also resistant against some of the worst coffee diseases: the leaf rust and pseudomonas.

Process: The cherries fermented inside a tank equipped with a valve system that prevents any gas from entering the tank. As the cherries ferment, they release CO2 and, because carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen, it pushes the lighter gas out through the valve. After a few hours, the tank environment becomes completely anaerobic, allowing the perfect conditions for microorganisms to perform enzymatic reactions inside of the beans.