Ricardo Zelaya • Geisha Natural
Coffee - Santa Clara Natural
Coffee - Santa Clara Natural

Ricardo Zelaya • Geisha Natural

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Geisha Natural • Ricardo Zelaya, Finca Santa Clara • Antigua

notes / fruit punch, black tea
profile / bright, floral, clean finish
region / Antigua
altitude / 1750-1850 masl.
varietals / Geisha
owner / Ricardo Zelaya
processing / natural
importer / West Coast Coffee Traders

It all started in Antigua Valley in 1908, when Ricardo’s great grandfather had the vision of getting involved in the coffee industry. Immediately, he started acquiring properties in different parts of Guatemala, which became the beautiful coffee farms they have today. Family members of the generations that followed him grew up surrounded by coffee plantations and devoted their lives to the quality and production of coffee, becoming some of the first coffee exporters from Guatemala.

Management of the farms was passed on from generation to generation. It was until 1989 when Ricardo Zelaya, the fourth generation of coffee growers, completed his degree in agribusiness from Zamorano and the University of Florida, and eagerly started transforming the farms into what they are today. This moment marked the beginning of their company, with a small but passionate crew excited to work hard and produce the highest quality coffee in the world.

Over 25 years later, they are now a strong team under Ricardo’s wings. A team who is committed and in love with the gallant beverage they produce and their social and environmental responsibilities. Ricardo’s laugh, philosophy, and passion are the key factors in the success of their happy business culture and our internationally recognized coffees.


12 years ago, Ricardo Zelaya first heard about the Geisha variety and was very intrigued by the comments of its quality. He was able to cup it in a session done by Anacafé, where he was convinced to plant the variety at Santa Clara.

The first seed was a gift from a friend. It was an old seed, so it was a bit of a challenge to make it germinate and to make the nursery. Only 15 plants survived of the 500 he first planted. The survivors are the mother plants of the Geisha plantations at Santa Clara. Today, the farm has 3 hectares planted. The plantations are in one of the highest areas of the farm. It is located between 1,750-1,850 masl, because this variety needs to be planted at a very high altitude in order to adapt well. It is also the fastest variety to mature. The Malawi Geisha is definitely a little treasure of the farm!

Scholarship Program

The Santa Clara's Scholarship Program started in 2011, when the farm sponsored the first 8 children who excelled the most in their academic performance. Thanks to our supporters, the program keeps growing every year. Today we are happy to have 31 scholars! (7 of them are attending university).

There are 110 children and our goal is to sponsor the education of all of them through our program until they complete their studies.

The scholar recipients are chosen based on their academic performance and financial need. The scholarship covers academic expenses, such as: tuition, books, school supplies, and uniforms. Some of our coffee buyers and friends from the coffee farm have become sponsors of specific students. Each year, we share with each sponsor a profile of their student or students and we include: pictures, grades, thank you letters from the student and the program, and copy of the receipts and transactions.