Ricardo Zelaya

Antigua, Guatemala

Proud stewards of multiple farms in the area, he dedicates himself to meticulously preserving, refining, and enhancing Antigua's reputation as one of Guatemala's most cherished coffee regions.

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Fazenda Jaguara

Campo das Vertentes, Brazil

Nestled in the Campo das Vertentes, a region steeped in historical gold significance, the 90-hectare Jaguara farm specializes in the cultivation of natural coffees.

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Finca El Morito

Cajamarca, Peru

Balancing responsibilities between coffee production and overseeing the El Finca Morito network of neighboring family farms, he plays a crucial role in the farm's and communities success.

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Caio Pereira

Carmo De Minas, Brazil

With a history dating back to the fourth generation of coffee producers, Caio Pereira prides himself on maintaining traditional cultivation methods.

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