The Story

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No6 Coffee Co. was founded in 2015 with the intention to make a difference in the cup, on the farm, and to inspire community in coffee.

Located in the heart of Nelson, British Columbia, we are a boutique coffee roastery and tasting bar striving to provide a safe place to learn, love and appreciate coffee while engaging with the community.


Connection is what drives us. From the customer to the barista, the roaster to the importer and the producer to the farmer, relationships are what motivates us to explore, innovate and move forward. Without a connection throughout this entire supply chain there would be a void, an emptiness, an incomplete circuit.

We focus on working with coffee shop owners willing to work within a single roaster’s diverse offering, importers that work on long term direct relationships with producers, and farmers that work with and care for the land.

All of our coffees are purchased from independent coffee importers that source exceptional specialty coffees directly from small farms, co-ops and respectable coffee traders. Farmers are compensated for their hard work, encouraging them to continuously improve their coffees, facilities and community.


Good coffee doesn’t come easy. It requires a lot of effort in learning, caring, selecting and processing coffee throughout the entire production cycle. Our job as a roaster is to find these gems and meticulously roast them to best represent the hard work of the producers. Superior quality coffee requires a much higher than fairtrade premium to be paid. In reflection, you’ll notice a variation in prices in all our single origin coffees.


Our tasting bar is a place to meet, learn and immerse yourself in a proper cup of coffee. An intentional space with an educational approach to discuss where the coffees come from and how to brew a perfect cup. Discover your preferences and match a brewing device to your lifestyle. An opportunity to discover something new and delve into the intricacies of a particular coffee, carefully prepared to engage your senses. A place that allows you to grow and engage, a place to slow down and get to know a little more, in good company.


We roast and stock shelves weekly. Our coffees range from approachable to exotic. We love to help people find something to suit their taste.

Some of the things you’ll find at our tasting bar:

  • Fresh roasted coffee
  • Brewers - V60, Origami, Chemex, Aeropress, Espro, Flair, Ratio Six
  • Filters - V60, Origami, Chemex, Aeropress, Able
  • Scales - Hario, Timemore
  • Grinders - Timemore, Hario, Eureka, Fellow, Anfim
  • Kettles - Fellow, Timemore, Hario
  • Reusable cups - Kinto, KeepCup, Sttoke, Fellow
  • Drinkware - T+O, Fellow, local pottery

Zero Waste Initiative

Let’s face it, single-use cups suck! They’re not only terrible for the environment but they also bring us down. Baristas find them incredibly unnecessary, and they’d much rather see you come in with a unique handmade mug or inspiring travel mug. When visiting our tasting bar be prepared to have a sit down with your drink or bring a vessel of your choice to carry it away in. We’ve never offered single-use/disposable cups and it’s not likely to change. Consider it our best feature!

Another one of our many great features is our reusable jar program and wholesale bucket system. We sell coffee in bags but we also sell coffee in returnable glass jars for those local environmental enthusiasts and coffee shops that are going to help us change the world. Since the inception of our Zero Waste Initiative, we have saved thousands of coffee bags and single use cups from ending up in a landfill.