Aquiares Natural
Aquiares Natural
Aquiares Natural
Aquiares Natural
Costa Rica

Aquiares Natural

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natural • Aquiares Estate RFA • Turrialba Volcano

notes / apricot, blueberry, chocolate, walnut
profile /
clean, sweet, balanced, medium body
region / Turrialba Volcano
altitude / 1200-1400 masl.
varietals / Centroamericano
owner / Aquiares Estate
processing / natural
importer / West Coast Coffee Traders

Centroamericano is a cross between Rume Sudan from Ethiopia and Sarchimor from Central America. This variety has successfully adapted to the shaded conditions of the farm, similar to the forests in which it natively grows in Ethiopia. It's production is vigorous, and it's cup profile, superb.

THis natural processed coffee is inspired by the traditional African method of processing coffee where the cherries are spread on a patio for solar drying, without previously removing the pulp that surrounds the bean. Over a slow drying process which takes up to 3 weeks, the beans absorb traces of the alcohols and sugars that make up the fruit of the cherry. The result is a coffee which will conquer the taste buds of those who crave exotic, sweet flavours. This natural offers unique blueberry and chocolate notes, within a very complex body and fine acidity.


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