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Marcio Custodio

Marcio Custodio

country Brazil
region South of Minas Gerais
farm Fazenda Cetec
producer Marcio Custodio
altitude 920-940 masl.
varietal Red Catuaí
process natural, aerobic fermentation on the Static Dryer
importer Mountain Coffee
notes blueberry, cherry, lime, chocolate
profile sweet, tropical, creamy


roast level


The coffee processing at CETEC Farm involves a carefully orchestrated sequence of steps. First, anaerobic fermentation is carried out for 24 hours. After this initial phase, the coffee beans are placed into a unique piece of equipment known as the Static dryer. This dryer, originally developed in Brazil, allows for precise control of temperature and humidity throughout the drying process. The coffee undergoes a five-day fermentation period within the Static dryer before the actual drying process commences, aiming to achieve a 15% humidity level. Following this, the coffee is placed in high-barrier large bags for a 30-day resting period. Subsequently, it returns to the Static dryer to finalize the drying process until it reaches an 11% humidity level.

For detailed technical information on how the Static dryer works, please refer to this link: It's important to note that while the dryer itself is impressive, it is the innovative process developed by Marcio that truly elevates the quality of fermentation.


The CETEC Farm was born from the childhood dreams of two brothers, Márcio Custódio and Izonel Junior. Growing up in a humble family, they initially worked as coffee pickers on other farms. Recognizing the importance of education, they decided to leave farm work behind and pursue their studies. After graduating, both became university professors. Years later, inspired by their own journey, they established their own Technical School called CETEC – Technological Center in Lavras, located in the southern region of Minas Gerais.

CETEC was founded with the purpose of providing young individuals in need with access to education, offering them the opportunity to improve their quality of life, much like what had happened to Márcio and Izonel. Over the course of more than a decade, CETEC trained over 5,000 young people. However, the brothers' ambitions extended beyond education.

After purchasing a small farm initially dedicated to Nelore cattle, the untimely passing of Izonel Junior made Márcio contemplate selling the property. Yet, a dream and memories of their shared childhood convinced him to continue pursuing their dream of owning a beautiful coffee farm. Thus, the cattle gave way to coffee trees, and the entire family dedicated themselves to the farm.

During this time, Márcio's nephew, Heitor Botelho, joined in the farm's operations alongside his uncle. In honor of his late brother and the Technical School that had played a pivotal role in realizing their dream, the farm was renamed Fazenda CETEC.

Fazenda CETEC embarked on a journey to acquire knowledge and expertise in the production of excellent coffees. The pursuit of knowledge extended beyond the farm's gates, involving various courses and trips aimed at understanding the best cultural practices for specialty coffee production.

Fazenda CETEC holds a deep commitment to the well-being of its employees, strictly adhering to labor rights and refraining from child labor. The farm firmly believes that a child's place is in school.

Moreover, the farm is dedicated to environmental preservation, including the restoration and protection of springs and forests, as well as the responsible use of water throughout its processes. Another noteworthy aspect is the ecologically sound farming practices employed at Fazenda CETEC. Coffee is cultivated alongside Brachiaria grass, which prevents soil erosion and weed invasion, reducing the need for herbicides. After maturation, the Brachiaria grass is left to naturally decompose under the coffee trees, enriching the soil with organic matter and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

This combination of productivity, quality, and environmental responsibility has positioned Fazenda CETEC as a global leader in the production of specialty coffees, cherished by coffee enthusiasts worldwide.


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10 $ pour les commandes entre 36 $ et 75 $
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Biotre 2.0

Biotrē™ 2.0 a des couches externes fabriquées à partir de pâte de bois et de cellulose à partir de pâte de bois. Dans Biotrē ™ 2.0 avec du papier Kraft naturel à l'extérieur, les couches extérieures représentent environ 60% du matériau en poids et il a été démontré qu'elles se décomposent en un compost sain en 12 semaines lorsqu'elles sont testées dans les conditions d'une méthode de test appelée ASTM D6868. La couche intérieure scellable de Biotrē™ 2.0 est constituée d'une ressource végétale renouvelable, la canne à sucre. Il s'agit d'une couche durable, c'est-à-dire non biodégradable, fabriquée à partir de sources végétales renouvelables. Le gaz à effet de serre CO2 est absorbé et réduit pendant la croissance de la plante.

Biotrē™ adopte une approche globale pour être respectueux de l'environnement.

  • Réduction des déchets - Biotrē™ peut réduire la quantité d'emballages qui finissent dans le stockage à long terme des déchets comme une décharge.
    • Biotrē™ 2.0 – les couches externes se décomposant naturellement dans un environnement de compostage en un temps relativement court, les emballages peuvent être traités dans un compost domestique pour convertir 60 % des matériaux (Biotrē™ 2.0 n'est pas recommandé pour le compostage municipal ou industriel) . La couche interne peut être retirée du compost si elle est trouvée et jetée avec les ordures normales. 60 % moins de matériaux vont à la décharge.
  • Changement climatique - Les composants à base de plantes qui entrent dans Biotrē™ (pâte de bois, canne à sucre et maïs) absorbent le gaz à effet de serre CO2 par la respiration naturelle des plantes avant d'être utilisés pour fabriquer les emballages Biotrē™. L'absorption et la réduction de la quantité de CO2 dans l'atmosphère contribuent à endiguer la vague du changement climatique mondial.
  • Ressources naturelles - Biotrē™ préserve nos ressources naturelles en réduisant l'utilisation de combustibles fossiles et de ressources minérales limitées et en favorisant l'utilisation de sources cycliques et durables. Alors que la plupart des emballages barrières sont fabriqués presque exclusivement à partir de plastiques à base de pétrole ou de feuilles d'aluminium, les couches de film Biotre® sont constituées de n'importe où pour 60 % à près de 100 % de plantes renouvelables.

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